Client Testimonials

“I really don't know where to begin, but I must say I am forever grateful to Jacqueline Tapia for taking my very tough case and winning. I am from Nigeria, West Africa. I have been in USA for 30 years. I picked up a case in 2006, it led to deportation in 2008. After many failed attempts to get the right lawyer, I then found Jacqueline Tapia in 2009. She had so much compassion and understanding. The first thing she did was believe in me that I was no longer the person I was from all the changes I had made in my life. I left her office with hope for the first time on a very difficult case. After many meetings, court appearances and a lawyer that refuse to give up as the case got tougher, we won just few months ago. This simple review is not enough to express my joyful heart and gratitude. Not to mention how Jacqueline worked with me on payments even when I could barely come up with the little amount she charged. Jacqueline was more than a lawyer, she was my angel during one of the hardest times in my life. So I will just simply say, thanks to Jacqueline and God Almighty for fighting hard for me to start afresh. Most of all, to be with my family. I am now looking forward to being a U.S citizen. I would like to say more, but no words can really describe how I feel. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Mrs. Tapia I pray blessings for you and your family all the days of your life and forever more.“- Jacob A.

“I first came to see Jacqueline at the age of fifteen. My parents hired her to help with the newly enacted executive order granting deferred status to immigrants who arrived in the United States as children. She was extremely kind and made the entire process easy to understand. Many people get nervous or uncomfortable when dealing with lawyers, but Jacky made sure that any nerves or unrest were put to ease. She was not only extremely professional but made it clear that my interests came before anything else. Five years later she is now helping me become a lawful permanent resident, and has helped other members of my family with their cases as well. She really is committed to lending a helping hand. This firm is definitely a great choice should you find yourself needing a lawyer.“- Omar R.